Q : What should I wear?

A : Seward, Alaska's weather changes quickly, day to day, hour to hour. So "be prepared for anything" is usually the best answer. Rain gear and water boots are a good choice with layered, warm clothes. On days where it's sunny and hot, it's nice to have the option to shed layers.

Q : Where do we meet / where should I park?

A : Parking is available across from the South boat launch on 4th Ave. To meet up, walk north on 4th Ave. to the boardwalk and down the D ramp next to Kenai Fijords Tours. Walk all the way to the end of D float to space D58. Meet here by 6:30am, pack your stuff onto the Viking and we're ready to rock and roll!

Q : How will I process my fish once we get back to port?

A : The deckhand is in charge of filleting your fish during the boat ride home. During this process the deckhand will divide up your fish per group or person. Please specify fish processing needs at this time. Once we're back to port your fillets will be in tubs ready for your cooler or plastic bags. You can request the deckhand to take your fish up to a processor if you choose. Here you can get your fish cut into portions, vacuum sealed, flash frozen , and boxed. They can also ship directly from the dockside. Prices vary.

Q : How much fish will I leave with? 

A : You should expect to leave the harbor with 20-70 pounds of filets per person. Please keep this in mind when dealing with transportation. These numbers are rough estimates, you may get slammed with much more. So be prepared.

Q : Can I bring bananas on the boat?

A : Absolutely not. If found smuggling bananas, punishment will be severe. A picture with your face, name, and phone number on our wall of banana shame can and will happen. Don't you dare.  

Q : Do we bring our own food? 

A : Please be prepared for a 12-hour day. A bag lunch, drinks, and snacks in one cooler per party is recommended. We supply you with coffee and treats in the morning. You can eat breakfast on the boat ride out if you would like. Keep in mind that the first hour is the most scenic part of the day. There is no designated lunchtime. You are more than welcome to take a break from fishing and eat inside our cabin. Fresh water, couches and a table are available.

Q : Can I bring my own fishing gear?

A : Yes, feel free to bring along your own fishing gear. We supply everyone on board with a salmon and deep sea fishing rod.  

Q : Do I need to know how to fish?

A : No, we are experts and can help you along the way. Each day starts with a tutorial on our gear and techniques. If you feel unsure, please ask beforehand. Utilize the boat ride out for a Q and A  these techniques. Knowing what to do and when to do it can be what lands you that 100-pounder.

Q : Can I bring alcohol? 

A : Alcohol is allowed on the boat in moderation. 

Q : Is there cell phone service? 

A : Your cell phone will work for roughly 20 minutes until we are out of Resurrection Bay. Once we are out of Resurrection Bay, cellphone service is no longer available. Sorry no facebook updates or GPS coordinates.

Q : Is there a safe place for my very expensive camera? 

A : Feel free to store your valuables in the cabin where it's warm and dry. We recommend that you attach a rope or lanyard to your camera so that you can fasten it down. That way it stays in the boat and not in the hands of Poseidon.  

Q : How dirty am I going to get?

A : The deckhand and captain will try to keep you as clean as we can. However, fishing for large fish in plentiful amounts is inherently slimey, bloody, and wet. Be prepared for all of these variables to interact with your clothes. Your new Gucci sweater might want to sit this one out.

Q : How deep is the water?

A : When we're moving it can be anywhere from 30 to 1000-feet deep. When we stop to fish, we're usually in about 100-300 feet of water.

Q : Where do we fish?

A : We mainly fish the North Gulf Coast of Alaska, specifically off the entrances of Prince William Sound.

Q : Do I get to keep everything I catch?

A : There are limits on each species of fish per person. These vary on our location. It is up to you to choose what fish you would like to keep. You should communicate this to the deckhand as he/she must use a different technique on removing the fish if you choose to release it. We try to release very large halibut as they are female and help replenish our fishery. Please keep this in mind. We'll take a picture for you!